How to make all of your dreams come true!

Get off your ass and start. I know that’s not what you wanted to hear, but just keep reading.

Think about all of the things you want to be doing right now. All of the things you told yourself you wanted to do or learn or try a year ago but never did. Why didn’t you? You had school? You worked a lot? You broke up with your long-time girlfriend?

Are these reasons or excuses?

We all go through shit and every day there is another excuse. Today I had to go pick out an apartment. I used it as an excuse to not go into work until 2:30. Did it legitimately make it more difficult to go into the office? Yes. But could I have made an effort to do something about that? Also yes. For someone who wants to make more of an impression around the building, that was lazy of me. I failed my friends, my coworkers, and myself.

The Vicious Cycle.

I don’t know why this seems to be true; but the more you do things, the more you keep doing things. The less you do things, the less you’ll want to do things.

Everything tends to turn out ok. No matter how bad things get, you’re probably going to be fine unless you start doing crack or meth. So when you let yourself slack a bit, and things are just fine, you end up giving yourself an even larger buffer to slack.

On the flip-side; the more you read, write, practice your craft, and build relationships with positives, motivators and connectors, the higher you push your bar. You start asking yourself how far you can go, you get creative and come up with new ideas, and people want to talk to you about them!

Get your attitude in check; decide which side of the coin you want to be on.

It’s honestly this easy. It has worked for countless people. It works for me. It can work for anyone. Just decide that you are a smart, motivated human being with the potential to have and manifest great ideas. Honestly everyone is. It just comes down to whether you want to expose that side of yourself or not.

Just Start. Right now. Just go.

Once you’ve motivated yourself; just start. A lot of people get excited and motivated and just stop because of those excuses we went through or they don’t think they’ve got what it takes or they don’t think they’re prepared. Well listen, no one has ever been fully prepared for anything. How about the first time somebody set off a nuclear bomb? None of those crazy old-timey nerds knew what was going to happen! Be a nuclear bomb. Take one tiny idea and explode for the world to see.

You pick things up as you go. I’m currently reading Design is a Job by Mike Monteiro, and in the foreword, Erik Spiekermann talks about this, “Being a designer is all about attitude. Sure, you have to know your craft, but as we both found out, you can pick most of that up over time if you’re prepared to listen, watch, and learn.” This applies to pretty much anything that’s not brain surgery or rocket science.

Steve Jobs started Apple in a garage with one other dude. Zucks started Facebook in a college dorm room. The most successful companies in the world were started by kids in garages with no money. You are more likely to succeed than your father or your 30-year-old brother or your sister-in-law with a PhD. You are a smart, motivated, creative person. Believe that and go.



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