Adobe Days: Creative Suite is More Valuable to Students Than Ever

Adobe Days was insane. We did a ton of killer stuff and talked a lot about creativity in business, what CS6 can do and how students can take advantage of it to start or further their careers. Here’s a quick recap.

These guys actually give a damn about us.

Jon Perera, VP of Adobe Education, really hit home straight out of the gate. This guy is super passionate about connecting students and young people with the tools they need to be creative and successful. Here are some key stats he gave us that made a huge impact:

  • 80% of global consumers believe creativity is key to economic growth, but only 40% feel like they have the tools they need to be creative.
  • In the US right now, there are 3 million college graduates competing for 1 million jobs.
  • 50% of students prefer to stand out, and for creatives and designers that number is at 57% (Shouldn’t it be 100%? What the hell?)

Adobe Education is making it a goal to close the discrepancies in these gaps. Read about some of the cool things they do with students in my post about the Adobe Design Achievement Awards. They actually hang this artwork on their walls! I SAW IT WITH MY OWN EYES!

THE MAIN EVENT: Creative Cloud

Adobe wants to make their products more accessible to students to enable them creatively. The way they are doing this is with Creative Cloud; a cloud service grants you access to the entire creative suite, you get 30gb of storage space, access to Business Catalyst and the ability to publish up to 5 websites, and full use of Typekit. They plan to add more to this list as well. Here’s what we found out as far as pricing:

  • $30/month for students with a 1 year subscription. You cannot pay month to month this way, which is sort of a bummer, and they’re still trying to figure that out, but this price point is still incredible when you consider the value. I will have no problem paying it but I can understand why it would be an issue for some students.

They’re still working on price points for students after they have graduated. If you’re 1 year out of the college game, you’re still basically a student. They understand this and are trying to figure out how pricing will work there.

When you compare this to the $799.00 price tag for the conventional box-of-discs for creative suite without the online services, the value Creative Cloud gives is obvious. Something else to consider is that now that Adobe is providing products via service, you will never have to buy another version of creative suite again. So if CS6.5 comes out in a year, you just keep paying your $30/month, rather than dropping another $800. Pretty snazzy.

If someone wants to gift a student Creative Cloud, there will be options at vendors who would normally sell the creative suite.

How do you feel about creativity and your future career? Do you think Creative Cloud is a step in the right direction?



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